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New alarm systems not only help people keep tabs on any unusual activity at their home, but they are making everyday living more convenient. "We've also built in the home automation capabilities where now you can control your lights, control your thermostat, you can control video cameras, and view video cameras and all of those devices work together seamlessly," said Xfinity Home Vice President Dennis Mathew. Comcast began rolling out its wireless Xfinity Home system in 2012 and now door alarmis available in Comcast served area across the country. Ray Child has the system in his home, and said it helps him keep tabs on everything via his PC, tablet and smartphone. "I can't tell you how many times whether it's a trip across town or across smart smoke detectorthe country where I've had that 'ah ha' moment where I didn't turn on my security system," Mathew said. "I can be driving window alarmsdown the road and say, 'I really want those lights on,' so I can remotely turn on the lights. "This particular system also will control yoursecurity key fob home heating and cooling system. The "Eco Saver" feature will track Glass break sensoryour heating and cooling habits, and over time, automatically Cove Alarm Panelmake adjustments to make the system run more efficiently and plot Motion Activated Cameraout the data month by month. "It's going to understand your heating and cooling preferences, plus the Alarm Panelfootprint of your home," Mathew said. "How long does pandoit take to heat up or cool down. ""It and gives me a seamless Lunaclimate control system.

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The monthly monitoring cost is around $30 to $50 per month, and Vivint customer service will be excited to sell you their latest and greatest options.

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This wide field of view provides you with visual access to your space during the night and the day.

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You may also set up emergency contacts which the system will inform of any security issues.